Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is unexpected.  I’m not often surprised by my photos since I basically take close-ups.  I was however able to find a few you might enjoy.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Qi (energy) hugs,




  1. So very pretty and I love the brightness of all of these colors. Makes a gray, wet, fall day feel more sunny and warm.


  2. OOooh collages, they certainly do some interesting ones these days don’t they my first intro to these, being that I never was taught in art was the campaign posters of our president. Yeah, neat stuff you could just slip anything in there kinda like the way Brad Pit slips in the subliminal shots in fight club or that subliminal shot in ‘Seven’ another BP flick but yeah as a still I think there’s definatley a question as to which photo goes where exactly. I mean is it reason or is it random? Who really knows???


  3. I like the web feet. But not really unexpected. Now, if he was wearing waders, maybe…
    Don’t know how to do a pingback. Sorry.


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