Macro Monday: Primrose

022414 macro monday (1)

Qi (energy) hugs,


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  1. I wish my photos of flowers (and other stuff) would come out like this. They all always end up blurry. Probably has a lot to do with fact that the only camera I’ve got to work with is the one on my phone… Although, I haven’t tried taking pictures of flowers with my new phone yet. I’m afraid it will just be another exercise in futility though. lol
    Anyway, another great picture! 🙂


    1. I find with my iPod Touch that closeups do come out blurry. But other things look pretty good. I wish you luck on closeup with your phone, I’ve seen other people do it so I know it is possible …. I just haven’t played with mine that much!


  2. Wow! The closeup of this flower is beautiful! I just love the clarity and detail!
    I just got a macro lens for my iphone which I am learning to use–not an easy task for macro I am finding….but fun and challenging! I did get a pretty good closeup of a flower that I am going to enter in this week’s Macro Monday.


    1. Nope it is not one of my challenges. It was something that was in existence before I started blogging. I have no idea where it initially came from, it just that a lot of people do it now.


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