Macro Monday: Which Title Do You Prefer?

Light As A Feather or Heart of Stone.  You chose the title.  Happy Monday Everyone!

033114 mm

Qi (energy) hugs


I write Photography Tips and Tricks posts for the everyday photographers without all the technical mumbo jumbo. If you ever want electronic copies of my photographs, please contact me.  Check out my left side bar for menu options.


  1. That’s a tough one Cee. I think the beauty and drama of the feather jumps out when you look at the photo, so at first I’m tempted to choose that.
    However, choosing the other title makes you look for the stone, so perhaps it needs the title to call attention to it.


  2. Good Morning Cee, great blog..I was on Happy Face’s blog and saw your pretty face there so I thought I would stop and say good morning and good to see you here with such a beautiful blog.. I love it..will follow you for sure..


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