WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

First thing I thought of with this WordPress’s theme of On Top is bees on flowers.  If you have followed by blog you all know I absolutely abhor bees and have ever since I was attacked by hornets when I was six years old.  So for me to get a capture of a bee is extremely rare.  I’m the person running away from them.

041614 photo challenge (1)

041614 photo challenge (2)

041614 photo challenge


Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. They’re all beautiful! I got stung by a bee once. I’ve also stayed away from them as much as I can. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I am allergic to bees, wasps and hornets so avoid them. But with a zoom I can take photos of them. I got a fright once though when looking through the camera I thought the bee was heading for me. When I put the camera down the bee was long gone. I forgot that I was using the zoom. LOL. 😀


  3. Sorry you got traumatized by hornets; they can be particularly vicious. I have to be very careful around anything that stings since I have very strong physical reactions. The last time I got stung by two yellow jackets, I had a rash all over my body (just like poison ivy). But that’s what happens when you drive the lawn mower over their nest!
    I always enjoys bees on flowers, somehow it completes the picture since they are such an essential part in pollinating the large majority of our food crops.


    1. I ended up with over 50 visible stings and countless on my hair. My mother got 10-15 stings just getting them off of me in a cold bath. Ended up being rushed to the hospital and they had to save my life…I remember getting a cortisone shot in my spine. Ouch! But not much more.


  4. beautiful images. i am not a fan of wasps, although bees i do like. i understand you run from all bugs, however bees tend to be much less aggressive in my experience. either way, these are all perfect clicks for the challenge. thanks for sharing. hope you don’t mind my including the shortlink to my ‘on top’ post. somehow i am unable to post the actual url. http://wp.me/p1hfki-4YR


  5. Awesome pictures! I’ve also been noticing big bees flying around lately. Not the biggest fan of them either, but they DO play such an important role in nature! 🙂


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