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More Blooming Flowers from my Yard

This is the first spring in our new house and there have been plants that were here I’ve been waiting to see what color they would bloom out.  This rhodie for instance.  It is a short plant but has huge blooms.

050114 yard (1)

We have a bunch of azaleas out front and here is a shot of one of them.  This red is really hard to capture, I hope you like it.

050114 yard (2)

And then one flower I did plant was this iris.  It’s the first of about 25 varieties I bought last year.

050114 turquoise

This is my entry into Debbie’s Look Up Look Down #37 challenge.  Go check out what other people are posting.

Qi (energy) hugs,


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  1. Beautiful! And that is one very fine iris. I look forward to seeing the others. Thanks for linking to the challenge. Debbie x


  2. Beautiful and how lucky for you to actually HAVE flowers! Our tulips are all up, but have not set but they and I don’t see many shoots that would become Solomon’s seal or spiderwort or day lilies. Winter has been too long and the frost to much for many of the flowers. Hopefully they’ll be back next year. Glad to enjoy yours in the meantime!


  3. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful way to spend Spring in your new house.


  4. I can imagine how exciting it must be to see your new garden unfurl, and I did enjoy the first appearances! You’re right about red – why is it that it’s so difficult to capture without flares and white-outs?


  5. When I had a garden, I’ve always wanted to plant an azalea but never got around to doing it. Like you, I had several dozen varieties of Irises in my garden. I loved them. But be careful because they are so easy to grow and multiply too fast, they are susceptible to root worms. I used to dig them up, wash the roots with chlorox and replant them or gave them away – the ones without any disease. Enjoy!


  6. Cee. these are beautiful flowers captured beautifully in your photographs! There sure aren’t many flowers blooming here in Colorado right now with all the hot days followed the next day by snow. Guess I’ll just have to enjoy your beauties. Thanks for “sharing” them.


  7. What a lovely surprise a new garden brings the first year Cee .. it seems to have passed by SO quickly ! Love the frilled edges and intricate folds of these flowers.
    Happy May times 🙂


  8. Oh my goodness these flowers are spectacular…just love the Red Iris’s so so so beautiful dear Cee, your smile is so pretty…I hope you are feeling well, Cee thank you so much for your nice of you!!!


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