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IBQ Writing Prompt: Garden


Here is my entry for 61 Musing Introverts Blog Quietly Challenge.

This week’s prompt is:  Garden

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”  –  Cicero

There have been a lot of people asking to see my garden.  I’ve got to admit I’m embarrassed to show it to you.  Don’t get me wrong I think it is beautiful, just not any where close to what either Chris or I dream of.  I do currently have some wonderful flowers and plants.  We have some gorgeous trees too.

I will be displaying several photos of my yard as it was a couple of days ago.  As most of you know from both Chris’s and my Share Your World and we are getting a huge yard and garden make over.  This is our current front yard.  Yes we live on a corner lot, so our yard it long and skinny.  We have a maple tree in front, weeping cherry tree (right side yard) and two large rhododendrons in middle of the house.  Chris’s office is located where the two windows are on the right.  Our living room is the window (one window is hidden by the rhodie) by our front door.  We have azalea bushes by the side walk.  I think the previous owners put them in last year to sell the house.  My irises are under the windows.  I bought roughly 25 varieties.  So they look a little sparse this year.  I can only image what they will look like in the years to come.

051514 ibq garden (4)

Ninety percent of the grass is going away this year and our landscape designer has already started that process.

Photo of a princess tree from our old yard.

Photo of a princess tree from our old yard.

We planted with another tree on left.  It’s called the princess tree we had one at our old house.. It has huge 8×8 leaves and grows up to 40′ high and it will give us plenty of shade in the summer.  In the right corner of the lawn will be a white hydrangea and pampas grass.  That area gets the hottest sun in the summer and these plants will grow nicely there.  Also some of my dahlias will be planted this year.

The rest of the will be filled in with a walking path and plenty of shrubs and other flowers.  Most likely some irises will be removed and replanted other places.  The only grass that will be remaining is a little near the driveway on the left and some up by the fence and extreme right side of the yard.  That will go away next year during phase two of our project.

My irises are under the windows.  I bought roughly 25 varieties.  So they look a little sparse this year.  I can only image what they will look like in the years to come.  Here are a couple of shots of the irises.

051514 ibq garden (1)

These are under the living room window looking toward the rhododendrons.

051514 ibq garden

This shot is looking from the Rhododendron bush out to the street. Our weeping cherry tree in the background. The bird feeder is outside Chris’s window so she can see her birds.

Our back yard will be done in phase two or three of our projected landscaping project.  Our landscape designer will plant the dahlias I have ordered for this year.  They will be  planted outside my office windows.  The fire pit will go away since we don’t use it.  As you can see it is pretty plain right now.  What isn’t shown in the hydrangea and camelia that is to to the right of the rhodie.  I took this photo standing on my little porch outside my office.

051514 ibq garden (5)


In this next photo, this is the view out to the back yard and dahlias will be planted where the sun is shining.  I took this photo off our back porch.  The kitchen window has the reflection on it and my office window is further down on the house.  You can see the red maple tree and our shed further back in the yard.

051514 ibq garden (3)

And here is the other half of our back yard.  I took this in early spring time when our magnolia tree was in full bloom.  You can see the pots where I had my tulips and daffodils on the right side.  The only thing we are getting added to this area this is a small conifer evergreen (grows to 15 feet only).  It will be closer to the fence and in front of the magnolia tree, so we will have a pop of green in the winter.

051514 ibq garden (6)

I hope you have enjoyed the journey of our garden and plans.

Qi (energy) hugs,



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  1. It’s beautiful. Flowers and trees make me happy, too. I love it when the first bit of green starts peeking up after the long winter. And the smells…ahhhh! Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard. 🙂


  2. love the cicero quote – and enjoyed hearing about your current garden and plans for it!! sounds very cool – and how fun to have all the before and after shots. 🙂


  3. It’s a young garden. It will fill in and be totally gorgeous. When we built our gardens, I planted much too tightly. Now it’s a jungle, a very Darwinian garden! I should have left more room, but I hated the way the empty places looked. Is that a Crab apple tree blooming? It’s glorious, whatever it is.


    • Since we are planning on staying here awhile (unless Alaska comes through) we are starting small with the plants…so it is a waiting game that is for sure. Our first house we had in Denver, we totally landscaped the front yard. I’m sure if we had stayed it would have been like yours. Way to crowded. That blooming tree is actually a magnolia. Thanks for commenting.


  4. Love the quote – that describes me! I feel quite incomplete without a garden and books.

    And you have a lovely house and garden with some beautiful shrubs and trees already. I think once you have the bones of a garden in place it can only get better. Lots of shrubs and perennial plants and as they mature it will become an oasis. I’m not sure about planting the hydrangea in the full sun, they are water loving plants (hence the name) and do better in shade. Mine (also white) is in a container and semi-shade. It flags dreadfully in heat, but then pots always do need lots of water. Although saying that the Hydrangea paniculata seems to do well in drought conditions. Or you could go for Abelia × grandiflora which attracts butterflies. Your irises will look spectacular as they increase.

    It must be very exciting working with a landscaper to achieve your dream garden. Thanks for giving us a peek…
    Jude xx


  5. I hope you plan to show progress pictures as your yard evolves. We miss our tiny yard in Phoenix. Living in an apartment building in Viña del Mar has reminded us why we like living in a home. We will certainly appreciate our yard when we get back to the U.S. sometime next year. Cheers from Chile, Wooly


  6. Great potential. I have reservations about your removal of grass, though. Even on a narrow stretch, good planning and layering will give plenty of bed area around the edges in sweeps and curves while still allowing for the feeling of space a central lawn gives.


  7. We have the same fire pit. During the winter we would go outside, me with a glass of wine, and enjoy it knowing it annoyed our neighbor (think the wicked witch of the east). Today, though, it reached 102 already so I think winter is officially over.


  8. It’s going to be magnificent – your blooms are already amazing – I can’t wait to see the lilies when they’ve multiplied!


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