Two Smiles of Happiness for the Price of One Post

screenshot_466 Here is my entry for these two challenges:

A word A Week Photograph Challenge:  Happy

Nurturing Thursday

These are some family photos that just make me happy to look at.  I hope you agree.

061214 happy (1)
Miss MacKenzie.
061214 happy (2)
Charlie the cat snuggling with Miss Shadow.
061214 happy (3)
Chris with a new found friend.
061214 happy (4)
Freddie snuggled up in some packing paper.

Here is a last thought for you that I found on the web this morning.  I hope it give you a little happiness.


Qi (energy) hugs



  1. OHHHHHHH! Cee!!! If ONLY I had time to do these challenges. This picture is SOOOOOO cute. Perhaps in the Winter when I am not in a flurry photographing everything I can!!!! And my cats remain stable! Love, Amy


  2. that baby looks like my x-mother-in-law when she laughs (but adding teeth and hair), how funny is that. And no, I’m not being mean, I love her dearly 🙂


  3. Great quote for the start of next school year, Cee. Happy happy. Stopping by to thank you for all the nice likes and comments on my blog, even when I don’t respond to each one. Glad to know you stopped by. 🙂


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