Our Landscaping is in Process

Our yard is now being landscaped by Secret Garden Growers.  I have a couple photos to post showing some of the progress.  When it’s all done, I will of course be showing off more of the yard.

First they killed the part of the grass that will be landscaped.  So here is a shot of the dead grass.  We didn’t do much yard work while it was dying so it looks a little raggedy around the edges.  The two Rhodies are staying from of the windows and the Maple tree on the right is staying as well.  On the far right the Weeping Cherry tree (you can see the leaves near by the fence) is staying as well.  The green grass up by the front of the house will eventually be turned into a walking path.

061814 yard (2)

Yesterday they came out and placed plants around the yard and this morning Tonia started planting some of the plants.  Here are a couple of photos.  What they do is dig out the area for the plant and then we will have cedar bark covering the rest of the dead grassy area.  The dead grass will composed into good soil under the cedar mulch.  How very genius.  There will be a tree going in, ferns, peonies, dahlias, pampas grass, and a whole bunch of other things.  There are roughly 30-40 plants to be planted.

View from our driveway.
View from our driveway.
Closer up view.
Closer up view.

More photos will be posted later this week.  Needless to say we are quite excited.

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    1. Actually we have a window in back of one of the rhodie’s. It is great we can see out but no one can see in. We are planning on putting a small table and two chairs in from the windows by the door. Thanks for commenting.


  1. If they are secret garden growers, shouldn’t they be working at night? In the dark? When nobody can see them?


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