Cee’s Weekly Wrap Up – July 26, 2014 and Photos for Exhibition

072114 purple-1-9You still have plenty of time get your entries into all my challenges for this week.  I’m sure the bloggers who I featured would appreciate your comments too. Have a great weekend everyone!


I’ve added new items for sale on my Redbubble website.  You can always request that I add a specific photo to my Redbubble account, simply email me.

For those of you in the USA, you can purchase electronic files from me directly.

Sunday – Odd Ball Challenge:  Week 21

You still have until tomorrow to join in on this week’s odd ball challenge.  There is never a theme to Odd Ball challenge.  Odd Ball’s are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.

Featured Bloggers

  • Middleton Road – An orange wrapped tree!  Takes the prize this week.
  • LenzExperiments – “The ordinary becomes extraordinary with just a change in perspective..” – Lenz Experience
  • Dear Bliary – Who ever heard of Christmas in July.  Fabulous out of the box thinking.
  • Conversations Around The Tree – To me this is the classic odd ball.  How fun.
  • HHC Blog – Is the connection man made or real?

Monday – Share Your World Week #29

See how everyone answered my questions this week.

  1. Have you ever been in a submarine?  If you haven’t, would you want to?
  2. Are you a listener or talker?
  3. Do you prefer crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?   Anything with your peanut butter?
  4. Have you ever been drunk?

Tuesday – Fun Foto Challenge:  Fire Or Season of Summer

There is still a couple days to get your entries in for the topic.

Featured Bloggers

  • Simply Beautiful – Quintessential spring and wood combined in one stunning photo..
  • Reflections and Nightmares – Irene A Waters – Irene has a wide range of photos and my favorite is the tree roots growing down the building or wall.
  • PaintedWords – Such fun spring photos … even got some eyes.
  • My Guilty Pleasures – Wonderful assortment of Spring photography.  Have to appreciate the tulips photograph.
  • Mukhamani – Wouldn’t this dwarf variety of the Areca nut palm tree be cool in your garden.  For me it’s very unusual.
  • Marsha Lee – Her photos covers some of the areas I just adore.  Good variety of wood.  Love the tunnel through a redwood tree.
  • Living With My Ancestors – I just love the Basswood art piece photograph.  The pier walk is pretty cool too.
  • Taking a Deep Breath – I just adore these two shots.  For some reasons I really like the second one with the arched trees.

Next Tuesday’s topic will be Earth / Harvest – Someone with well developed Earth energy is a well grounded, nurturing, compassionate person, sometimes depicted as the archtypical “earth mother”.  Earth people like to bring others together and make good mediators or peacemakers and reliable friends. They often enjoy both preparing food and eating.  The color for earth is yellow.

Coming Back In September

Friday – Tips and Tricks: Data Recovery Software and a Survey (most Current)

This is delayed because I was working on my exhibition that is next week at my Qigong Retreat.  And yes, I’m still planning on writing a couple of articles about jpeg organization on your computer and back up systems.

A couple of photos I have planned for the show.  ENJOY!  Some of the waterlilies and lotuses I have been posting are in the show as well.

072114 purple-1-5

072114 purple-1-6

072114 purple-1-7

072114 purple-1-8


Qi (energy) hugs,



        1. There are differences between waterlilies and lotus. Lotus comes from the East (Orient) and Waterlilies are from the (West). You can tell the difference Lotus flower and leaves grow above the water and waterlilies leaves are on the water and better known as lily pads. Their leaves are green, yellow and purples and sometimes a combination. Now you know more than you wanted to ever know. 🙂


          1. I didn’t know this, Cee. I have used them interchangeably but now that I know the difference I can be correct. I will have fun noticing the difference when I get back to Florida and the botanical garden. 🙂


  1. Water lilies can be – no, are, so exquisite!
    I have beem stoned right out of my skull once, as a teenager. It was a valuable lesson, and one which didn’t need repeating.


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