New Flower of the Day (July 27, 2014) – Dahlia

This is an old dahlia it’s called Oregon Reign and it is from Swan Island.  It is new though on my blog.   ENJOY!

072114 purple-4Qi (energy) hugs




  1. I love the way you processed it – just gorgeous. All the details are just right.

    (um. . . you know you have a typo in there? Should have said new, not knew?)



    1. I also think this theme does a good job of enhancing your photos. The green is a nice middle value and the white is very crisp against it. I don’t see much of this theme, but it works very nicely.


        1. You’re welcome. I meant to mention that earlier and forgot. That middle value green really sets off your photography nicely – then again, you DO have a great eye for the colors!


      1. You’re welcome. I wasn’t sure I should say something, but I dislike it when I don’t notice stuff like that in my own blog and figured you’d just as soon fix it.


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