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Magic Still Happens

As I said yesterday, Chris and I went to the beach.  It was a magical spectacular day.  Let me give a photographic glimpse of our day!  We decided to get up early and leave so we would get to the coast shortly after sunrise.

This was the view from a restaurant we like in Lincoln City, Oregon that overlooks a pond.

100714bucket handle_1

After eating a delicious breakfast, we went to D River beach.  Where we just sat in the early morning sun and watched the seagulls as the fog rolled out far off to the distance over the ocean.

100714bucket handle_2

Chris noticed a small commotion of activity in the parking lot.  This guy and another person set sup and started creating these marvelous huge soap bubbles.  I got lots of photos, but I think this one shows how big the bubbles could get.

100714bucket handle_4

So after watching the seagulls at the beach for a while longer, we decided to go down the coast to Depoe Bay, Oregon.  We got nearly at high tide, where the waves usually comes crashing over the rock and creates blow holes.  We happened to have a real low high tide and the ocean appeared extremely calm.  I noticed this house was built on top of a sea cave.  Wouldn’t it be fun to to live in that house and have a different beach site out of each side.

100714bucket handle_5

Since there ocean wasn’t interesting to shoot from this spot, we drove down to Rock Creek Way side (south of Depoe Bay). And we noticed that there was whales out in the ocean.  So we took a lot of photos with just blue ocean, but every once in awhile we did capture a glimpse of a whale out at sea. It was marvelous fun.

100714bucket handle_6

We drove back up to Depoe Bay after the whales went by.  We had seen a couple of US Coast Guard boats and helicopters.  So we drove to the bay where the Coast Guard is based.  The two boats were performing practice maneuvers.  The boats were tied together and one of them would bring them into port.  They would pull out and back in at different angles.  It was fascinating to watch and photograph.  Here are a couple of shots.

100714bucket handle_8

100714bucket handle_7

After watching the US Coast Guard, we stopped for lunch at Inn at Spanish Head for lunch.  They have a wonderful restaurant with their dining view overlooking the ocean off about 120 foot cliff.  The view was spectacular.  Here is our view looking south down along the coast.

100714bucket handle_10

After lunch we started back home.  We got home around 4pm.  It was a magical 11 hours.  And I have only shared about half of the magic and sight seems.

Qi (energy) hugs,



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  1. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful state. I wish I could see Oregon sometime.. That is truly a perfect day! Glad you and Chris had a wonderful time.


    • Hi Judy, we hadn’t been to the coast for a year and a half. It’s nearly a two hour drive and we just didn’t make it out. Last year we bought a new house and started qigong school….our time was just otherwise occupied. Thanks for commenting.


  2. What a lovely day! It reminds me that it has been too long since I’ve visited these beaches myself. You are lucky to have them close enough for a day trip.


  3. I somehow missed this post last fall when you posted it. What a wonderful day! And so many beautiful sights. I can understand why this day continually took your breath away!


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