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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colors

101414next_2I had a marvelous response from all of you on last week’s theme of Soft Pastels.  Thanks everyone you always amaze and delight me.

I’m proud to announce our featured bloggers this week. Their posts really grabbed my attention. Please check out their posts and congratulate them. Maybe you will be chosen next week.

022414-feature-bannerFeatured Bloggers

Listed below are the featured posts from the Soft Pastels challenge.

LifeLessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown – A perfect pastel photograph.  Everything a painter could ever want.

Across the Board – Talk about thinking out of the box for this challenge.  I adore this photograph, you must go see it for yourself.

Agnes’s World In Pictures – Gorgeous photography of a flamingo.  I like the last one the best.

Taking A Deep Breath – A sweet soft pastel photograph.

Getting the Picture – Beautiful soft photography from flowers to vintage look.

jean.h.heskovits – I adore this whale lantern.  Check it out.

ArtKorppi – Beautiful soft cloud reflections on water.  Brilliantly captured.

Norasphoto4u – Such soft colors in this macro.

This week’s Topics:   Vibrant Colors

This week’s challenge is all about vibrant colors.  Last week was all about the gentler softer colors this week I want the colors to be bold and vibrant.  Let’s make a colorful statement this week.  You can have one color or fifty colors in your photos.  Have fun with this them.

The Next Series – Parts of Things

  • Bare Feet and Shoes
  • Bark or Leaves
  • Vehicle Details
  • Door Knobs and Handles
  • Joints

How It Works?

Most weeks I will come up with a topic. Feel free to write me with things you want to learn about.
Go through you photo archives and see what photos you have that fits the current week’s challenge, or better yet grab you camera and take a new photo!

ENJOY and have FUN.

Create a Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Post

  1. Then add a link to your blog in my comment box.
  2. To make it easy for others to check out your photos and post, title your blog post “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge” tag.
  3. Remember to Follow My Blog to get your weekly reminders.
  4. I usually will respond to your entry on your blog, rather than on my page.

Please check out my Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge to check out more of what this challenge is about.


If you adore challenges as much as I do, please check out WordPress’s Blog Event Listing for other challenges.

My Entry for the Week

I just adored all the color this lady was wearing.

I just adored all the color this lady was wearing.

An 1930s Ford.

An 1930s Ford.

Rainbow sail.

Rainbow sail.

Wall of autumn colored vines, photo taken in Oregon City, Oregon.

Wall of autumn colored vines, photo taken in Oregon City, Oregon.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Thank you very much, Cee, for featuring my photo!!! I love your vibrant colours, especially the first one (clothes) and the last one.


  2. Cee, What an honor to be chosen as a post for your pastel challenge! I’ve drawn from Mexico’s love of bright colors for most of my entries this week—from a hot air balloon to bright Day of the Dead floral murals. The bright red mini-taxi is from Peru, the lily from my own backyard. I’m looking forward to seeing the other submissions. Yours are wonderful.


  3. Cee—Hard to pick a favorite in terms of photo quality, but guess in terms of topic I’d have to say the wildly dressed lady and the vine, that is just amazing. I’ve never noticed this variegation in autumn vines before. At first I thought it was a pile of flower petals–perhaps bougainvillea. How many hours a day are you out doing photography? Loved all of these. Judy


    • Hi Judy, I only go out a couple times a week. Depends on how I’m feeling and what we are doing. It helps during the summer my yard is like going to a nursery everyday. 🙂


  4. Pure vibrant colours, especially reds, are difficult to photograph. Do you have any tips to help avoid that glare that you end up with when you photograph lovely red flowers?


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  6. Wow that lady has got her colors, and patterns, going on! No doubt that’s a great choice. And the others are wonderfully vibrant. Thank you for sharing, really nice.

    Quick question about your challenges (I’m new), can you post all week long, until the following Tuesday? Is that the overall idea?

    Thanks so much for these challenges!


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