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After and Before – Scarlet Buddha

Tips and TricksThis is another in my series of Photo Tips and Tricks.  This photo was actually quite easy to fix up rather quickly.  I basically used the Spot Removal tool for most of the changes to the original photo.

All editing was done in Adobe Camera Raw in Bridge.  This photo was taken with a Nikon D80 with the 18-200mm VR lens.

This was also my entry for Visual Venturing After-Before Challenge for week 24.

NOTE:  Visual Venturing is giving all of us an opportunity to vote on a photo that you would like to see some of do put our post-processing talents to work. This poll will close at midnight EST on Wednesday, November 5. On Friday, November 7 (which happens to be my birthday), the chosen photo will be revealed. The photo that gets the most votes, will be used for After-Before challenge. Then on November 14 the edited versions of the winning photo will be displayed. This happens to be the 6 month anniversary after her After-Before challenge.

Original Photo

This Buddha was an outdoor statue with a huge red pottery urn in the background.  The sun was such that all the blemishes and marks on the red urn showed up as a grayish who.  I liked the shadows on the pottery red urn.

Stacy before

Spot Removal

First, I cropped the photo slightly and took off hands of the buddha.  I wanted to make the entire background red.  I did this so I could use spot removal for fill in the remaining areas with red.  This is all the places I used spot removal for.  Then I did a little sharpening and contrast enhancing.  A

The biggest change I made to this photo was using the Spot Removal tool. The round lined circles, I just did a quick spot removal turned to heal.  These areas just took out the little white spots.  I wanted to leave some on just for textures.

The completely white circles actually shows where I actually spot removed more than a single spot.  I actually painted a small area and grabbed parts of the red to clone in the correction.  Notice down the right bottom side and extreme left corner, I removed the gravel and turned it to the real dark red-black tones.  I did this with my image zoomed in to 200%.  That way I could get my edges fairly close to the Buddha statue.

Note:  I could have used making in Photoshop to clone out the gravel in the bottom right corner, but I wanted to just use the spot removal tool.  Most editing software has spot removing and it gives me the same results.  Especially for displaying on the web.  If I were to print this I might have chosen to use Photoshop simply to get the edges more smooth.


Darkening the Buddha

The other thing I did with this photo that made a huge impact was darken the Buddha statue.  While I did this I noticed that some of it turned a slight hint of green.  That is our Oregon weather creating moss on the statute.  So I also added a little hint of blueish-green to the area.  I thought it just gave a little more character to the statute.

Here is the final result.

stacy after

My upcoming Tips and Tricks will be Part Three in the black and white.  Please feel free to ask for a walkthrough on any photo you like.

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Qi (energy) hugs,


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  1. Great tutorial on the spot removal tool, Cee! I like the choices you made, especially removing the gravel and “greening” up the Buddha – much more impact in the after image. Thanks so much for ”playing” this week, and for once again promoting Week 23 voting. Wouldn’t it be a fun birthday present if your photo turned out to be the chosen one? 😉


  2. Great explanation of spot removal in lightroom. One thing I do is click show spots on the bottom of the window when using the heal tool and all the little guys are highlighted on a grey scale mask. Really good for getting those dust bunnies.


  3. Thanks Cee, for such an informative post. I liked the whole concept and could learn so much about editing. As of now, I do not use any advanced editing tool, except Picassa, which has very basic level of editing. Your techniques allowed me to understand the nitty gritties of good editing to enhance our photos.

    Thanks once again 🙂


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