1. Garry just went out to buy a poinsettia. I love them and I wish I could keep them alive and get them to flower again. They live well enough, but I’ve never gotten one to put out another blossom.


  2. Lovely Christmas image, Cee….and on that note, if I don’t say it nearer the time, have a great Christmas and hope 2015 is a good year for you


    1. I’m so looking forward to 2015. I’m getting a full frame camera. It will arrive on the 24th…..I’m so excited. No doubt I will have to post and brag about it. 🙂 Happy Holiday Sue. Thanks for being a part of my blogging world.

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      1. And thanks for being part of my blogging world, Cee! What’s the full frame camera going to be? And won’t it be heavy?? I’ve gone the other way, to MFT…. For me, weight is an issue….I want to carry on with my street photography! Anyway, enjoy it (I know you will)!


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