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Be the Change

WordPress Daily Prompt today is “Be the Change:  What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?”

idea-lightbulbThis is something Chris and I were just talking about this morning in a round and about way.  She mentioned that she just doesn’t feel right if she doesn’t journal first thing in the morning.  I said that I don’t feel right if I don’t post my challenges first thing in the morning.  Then the light bulb turned on.  One of my original concepts for having a photography blog is that I absolutely do not write for fun or journal.  I am not a word person.  I know how to put a sentence together at least most of the time.  I happen to be an extremely visual person and pictures and photography is how I communicate and write.

I realized that I have been journalling along.  It is through my challenges.

For my Share Your World, I have a list of hundreds of questions and on Monday mornings I choose four of them to present to us each week to answer.  They are always questions that somehow speak to me for that particular day.

122414having funFor my Photo Challenges, I get to choose from about 100,000 photos to come up with my selection for the challenge.  Yes, I spend lots of time organizing and key wording my photos so I can find them easily and quickly.  On top of that I have a photographic memory of each photo I have taken over the years.  I get to chose photos that really speak to me that day.  They are clues to how I’m feeling and approaching each day.

Now back to the question, what change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?  I think that answer is a two part answer for me.

010115B&W_3One is that I stay true to my personality and speak in my own language.  The more I feel comfortable within myself, the better I’ll make my life and those around me feel.  If I can remember that I’m speaking and communicating the way I know how to, my blogging friends will enjoy my blog and get a sense of who I am.  I am hoping my message is that life is fun and so very worth being a part of.

The second is that with my challenges, I hope to bring joy to other people’s life.  I want my blogging friends to have fun with photography and stay creative.  I believe having fun and being creative keeps us alive and thriving.  Without us having fun in this world there would be no love, family, security and peace.  Without us all being creative life would be boring and dull.  How would you like a life without anything new …. ever?  Yuck!

Happy Blogging everyone.  Let’s keep blogging in our own unique ways.

Qi (energy) hugs


Links to my challenges home pages.

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  1. You are so right Cee. You do talk to us through your photographs and I totally understand the joy you have as you choose from those in you memory and archives the right one for each day. I don’t know that I know every photo that I have but I do have a huge memory bank of them and I enjoy that scrolling as well. I think you have achieved both your aims and they are definitely ones that we should all aspire to. 🙂


  2. What a great post, Cee. I tend to be a private person so ‘Share Your World’ is not exactly my cup of tea. But your photo challenges–now those challenge me! And I love them. My goal this year is to take more B&W so I can participate in those challenges.
    I thought my photos were organized….until I read about your organization. I gotta go now…..and get better organized. 😉


  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading this post Cee and the authenticity with which you capture your photos also comes across in your writing. Thank you for the reminder that each person blogs in their own unique way.


  4. Anyone who chooses to follow blog now gets some form of this message. The Mark Twain quote is very important to us and is displayed on our landing page.

    Through our photography and words we hope to inspire others to get out and see the world. And perhaps through those travels the world will become a smaller and less threatening place as we discover the many kindred spirits who share our passions, hopes and aspirations. As Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

    It’s never too early or late to discover and follow your heart. Make time for the people, work, and causes you truly care about. Cheers, Wooly and Raeski.

    Simply put, we hope by reading the stories and looking at the pictures on our blog people will feel inspired – no matter how small – to do something for the planet and humanity.


    • If more of us remember to follow our hearts … oh what a wonderful life we will all have. I adore your quotes and I’ve always like the Ghandi quote too. Thanks for being a part of my blogging life.


  5. You are giving us so much joy, Cee, making us think and be busy with challenges – I think we all are very grateful for this. Being busy and being interested in many things is important in life. Knowing that what you do is a great pleasure for you too is in itself rewarding.


  6. You are very successful in achieving both of those goals through your blog. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you through your photographs, challenges and other posts and I’ve felt definitely felt inspired to take better photos of my own. Also, don’t forget how much beauty you are bringing to the world through your blog. Sometimes your photos are the most color and beauty I see all day! Thank you for all you do!


  7. Cee, you’re an inspiration to us all. You may feel you’re not a word person, but I think you are, as this article and your “Share Your World” challenges prove. I totally agree with the last paragraph, life would be so dull without fun through creativity. Thank you for providing so much fun for us to be ever more creative! 🙂


  8. Helping us all smile a bit more each day and prompting us to be creative seems your natural calling! Have a wonderful New year!


  9. One big mistake I’ve made is failing to tag photos. I’m working on it. Your photo blog is always so beautiful, as is the message you communicate through it. Thanks to Patti and Carol, who participate in Share Your World, I found your blog. It always brightens my day.


  10. Cee this is a wonderful reminder of why we are blogging and remaining true to ourselves; hopefully we’ll infect others with our enthusiasm.


  11. Absolutely and each of us blogging in our way, about our own life, sharing photos and parts of our day, adventures, makes Word Press the wonderful place it is.


  12. Being ourselves is what we all really have to offer and we all have our unique way of sharing. I love your blog, Cee – I look forward to your daily flower posts as they always brighten my morning. You share so much with us through your posts and challenges – your knowledge and enthusiasm in photography, your beautiful images, your encouragement in our own creative efforts. Thank you for being yourself 😀


  13. Cee, I just love your blog! “A picture is Worth a Thousand Words” & just visiting your blog can make me grin (& even giggle). You see things that others do not see, until captured in a photo. You have been motivation for me to take more pics & be aware of lighting and angles, things I never thought much of. Yes, I’m your fan & follower 🙂


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