ABFriday One Photo Focus – Initial Photo by Emilio Pasquale

ABFriday is starting One Photo Focus once a month.  This month the photo comes from Emilio Pasquale over at Photos by Emilio.  Here is his initial photo.  It look like a hot I could have taken since I adore vintage and crusty old vehicles.


Here are a few steps that I took to make this image look more like my own.

  1. Cropped it just a little bit.
  2. Took out all color except for yellow and orange.  I like that it kept all the rust in the photo.
  3. Then turned the remain yellow to orange.
  4. The painted a bright yellow over the orange truck to make it a much brighter color.

I hope you ENJOY my final version.

010315after Before

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Thanks, Cee! I love old trucks, too and that’s a great photo. I like your adjustments, too; the grille colours suddenly just perked right up! Have a great New Year! ~ Linne


  2. The orange tone to the ground is a bit startling but I love the effect it had on the trucks, picking out some and not others – really original and that was the point in the end 🙂


  3. You really brightened up those colors! I love how you drew my eye to the front yellow while fading away the ones farther back. Good job of editing as always!



  4. This was a very fun project Cee and I like way you have edited Emilio’s photo.
    Love the way you desaturated and kept selective colours only.
    Very nice result 🙂


  5. Love how you made the rust stand out, Cee – never would have thought of that. And the selective color of the front truck, painting over it to make it brighter – great effect! It’s interesting that you, once again, cropped the photo (as you did with Karen’s in the first group challenge). You weren’t alone this time 😉


    1. I usually crop photos. I am not a landscape person….or wide angle at all LOL.
      When I took out all but orange and yellow I was pleased to see how much rust showed up. I thought it made the photo. That was unintended and worked well. 🙂 Thanks Stacy. You do a wonderful job on this challenge.


  6. That’s my original shot? I like what you did with it. love the colors, the brightness of that first truck against the muted colors of the rest. Thanks, Cee.


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