ABFriday: Week 32 – Lost in the Fog

Here is my entry for Stacy’s After-Before Challenge for her week 32.  Last weekend Chris and I were driving around Canby on a foggy morning trying to find anything to capture that wasn’t gray.  This farm just outside of town caught my attention.

Here is my before photo.  Yes, this was taken with my new Sony a7ii camera with my 18-200 lens.


Here is my After final photo.  Some of the editing I chose to do on this photo was to

  • Crop the photo just a little bit
  • Brighten the red barn and green grass by adding just a hint of yellow
  • Made the fog seem a little more dense
  • Added a gradient layer making it appear as if the fog was lifting slightly


Qi (energy) hugs




      1. I’ve never worked with that before. Because of working for the university I get the Adobe Creative Cloud quite cheap and Photoshop is part of it. Your photo manipulations are really lovely.


  1. I like the post-processed image, Cee. Thank you for sharing the ‘how’ too … it is useful to know what the separate processes were, so that whatever post-processing software we use, we can give it a try 🙂


  2. I really like the idea of enhancing the fog, something I would not have thought off. Sometimes if I want to add fog I create a new layer and fill with render clouds set the blending to screen and apply with a brush at a low opacity.


  3. Ah, fog and a red barn – two things that always capture my attention and make me smile. So the combination of the two is wonderful, especially with how you’ve post-processed. Genius to use a gradient with the fog 🙂 Thanks for submitting this to ABFriday, Cee!


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