Mushroom and My Macro Lens

Some of you have been watching me play with my new camera (see yesterday’s post).  While we were in the park on Friday, Chris found this cute little mushroom.  I put on my macro lens, Sony e-mount 30mm fixed lens, and played around with this little mushroom.  I varied the aperture and just shot way.  Most of you know I like the main object to be pretty much in focus so I kept the aperture on the higher end. I also took it from different angles so the sun and shade would vary.  I hope you like my macro photo.

This first shot my main focus was on the little green part way down on the stem of the mushroom.  I shot this looking down the bench.  I like the bokeh.


This is basically the same shot with a slightly different point of focus.


Now this photo almost looks like the nose on a face.  I like the shadow in this photo.011815mushroom_3

This is what the cap of the mushroom looks like.  It was shiny and iridescent in the sun.  The angle of the shadow makes the stem look very short and fat.011815mushroom

Qi (energy) hugs,



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