1. Blimey each time I enjoy your photo there is yet more tiny details to spot. I can’t believe you actually have those tiny grooves on the stigma. It just shows what a great sculptor nature is and superb artist you are.


  2. Spathiphilum wallisii. The Latin name for those who need it. Peace lily is a common name in a lot of countries but that name is applied to different plants around the world. They are easy to grow and maintain. They don’t like wet feet…. that is.. for the pot to have a dish under which is constantly wet. They enjoy getting a little dry then having a big drink. When they fill the pot to the point of bulging, they are easy to separate and make a number of baby plants from your main plant. Don’t overdo nutrients in your potting mix. Keep in semi shade if outdoors or a nice warm spot indoors. The leaves should be dark green. If they are lighter it is getting too much sun. Snails and other pests leave them alone.
    Why do I know so much about this plant? It’s my favorite indoor plant of all time.


  3. Amazing flower! I have never seen such a thing! Thanks too your photo and Dave’s explanation at least I learned something today! Reminds me of a Calla Lily but much cooler !


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