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St. John’s Bridge, Portland, Oregon

012515St John's_4

This photo to the above is what the bridge looks like in a bright sunny day. I took this back in 2008.

Chris and I went to take photographs today of St. John’s Bridge and Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon.  Here is a link for some of Chris’s photos from today.  It was an extremely foggy day.  For those of you have watched the TV “The Librarians”, this is the bridge and park they use in their show.  See Chris’s post from a couple of weeks ago explaining more of that.  I’m not used to taking photos in fog so I hope you enjoy what I took for today.  I’ll show you more this week.

I took these photos with my Sony a7II and my e-mount 18-200mm Sony lens.

This photo was taken as we drove over the bridge.  The fog was real dense up that high.

This photo was taken as we drove over the bridge. The fog was real dense up that high.

012515St John's_3

Standing directly under the bridge and looking up.

012515St John's_2

A scene in Cathedral Park.

012515St John's_5

Another angle of the bridge.

I will post more photos from our adventures today later this week.

Qi (energy) hugs,


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    • Yeah, we didn’t think it was about to lift, at least not there. So we left. The grass was deadly slippery and wet. Chris ventured out on it, I did not. I stayed on the paths. 🙂


  1. I’ve already visited Chris’s blog. I’m glad you included a photo from the top of the bridge. It is a very cool bridge and it looks like a nice park. Beautiful photos.

    I love bridges. I used to live a block from the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia.


      • It was. For the first year, we lived in an industrial loft with a clear view of the bridge. We could see a total of four bridges and the Delaware River, plus Center City, from that condo. None of the other bridges compared to the Ben Franklin. You can walk across it to the Jersey side, but I recommend turning right back to Philly. I walked beneath it every day with the dogs. Then we moved from that awesome place to the second floor with a street view. It was much bigger and less expensive. I still got to see the bridge every day 🙂


  2. I just looked at Chris’s photo’s of the same shoot and what fun to go together! You both have great perspectives. When Godfried and I go out, he generally sits back and just watches my frenzied photography with patience 🙂


  3. Really lovely atmospheric shots Cee . That view under the bridge looking up is my favourite !


  4. You gotta love the fog if you live near Portland. This green, lush land gives you few choices this time of year. All the moisture in the area either makes fog or freezing fog that I hate. To think I actually have a fog filter in my software collection. LOL


    • I live real close to the Pudding, Molalla and Willamette Rivers south of Portland so we are often foggier than Portland. I used to play with the photos to clear away the fog if it is light, but I’m deciding to play with it now.


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