One Four Challenge – Feb Week 1


It is time for Robyn’s One Four Challenge for February Week 1.

For this series I picked a photo I took of the Willamette Falls in Oregon City, Oregon.  My the original photo is shown on the right.  I chose this particular photo because I thought I could play around with the color of the water and clouds.  Knowing me I will play around with cropping this photo during the next four weeks.


Week 1 Version

As side from some standard edits, I added a couple of gradient layers.  From the top of the photo down I added an orange layer which warmed up the clouds and made it look more like the sun setting or rising.  From the bottom up I added a yellow layer which gave the Willamette River a lighter tint of the sky.  Just think in this version I didn’t crop it.

I hope you like what I did for this photo.


Qi (energy) hugs,



  1. I do like the color hue changes, they make the sky more interesting and bring out a power to the water that is very appealing. Lots to work with for the weeks ahead, looking forward to following your process.


  2. Ive seen the sky do this at sunset many times 🙂 It looks like the river is in flood perhaps? I wasn’t sure if the horizon was straight because its hard to tell with the line of the trees with water behind it, sure is a lot of water!


  3. Nice choice for an image this month! This first edit does change the feeling of the photo quite a bit; I can get a sense of being there in the evening hours as the sun sets. Good job. 🙂


      1. Same here. I keep getting comments asking if I know what I want an image to look like when I first take it. I guess there are people out there who can do that!


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