ABFriday: One Photo Focus – February 6

Here is my entry for Visual Venturing’s AB Friday, One Photo Focus for February 6, 2015.

Here is the original photo.  This month the photo was taken by Manal Ali of A Single Shutter.

020215AB before

Here are some of the basic steps I took to achieve the look I got.

  1. Straighten out the edges with my software (Adobe Bridge).
  2. Turned the photo to black and white.  I wasn’t happy, it seemed so cold.
  3. Added a couple different gradients of orange to make the photo sepia toned.  I think it really warmed up the photo.
  4. I liked that the cycle shopped really stood out in the original photo, so I pained that area with a dark reddish area.

Here is my final edited version.

020215AB after

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Great work, Cee. I like your finished photo so much better. I don’t like it when my world is out of kilter so whenever horizons aren’t level or there is lens distortion, I can’t stay with the photo. I stopped following one photographer because he always put his otherwise nice city-scapes at an angle. Your before and after confirms to me my preference. The only exception would be the distortions of a super-wide angle or fisheye lens. That can be intriguing. Ah, the blessing of post processing software.


  2. Cee, it’s so interesting to see this as sepia-toned. I don’t know why I personally steer away from that towards B&W, but I like how it works here. And a creative touch to the cycle shop 🙂 Great, fun edit (and you didn’t crop but for the straightening 😉). Thanks, as always, for playing along. It’s wonderful to have you!


    1. Nope the only crop I did was the straightening. I know weird. I think I was more concerned about straightening it, I didn’t look at the photo the same way I usually do. I was really stumped on this. There were some marvelous edits on your post today.


      1. I know, right? I now look back at mine and would crop it in a much different way. I was focused too much on the BP Tower and left out the lovely street life on the left. Goes to show the power of a crop 🙂


  3. Funny. That’s JUST what I was doing today with some photos shot wide angle in a concert hall in relatively low light. Everything but the shine on the road. Great work!! And it looks like an old film noir.


  4. I love the sepia tone, when I saw it the first thing I thought is “I should have done that for my image”. Really nice job, Im ok about the red tone in the cycle shop, but on my monitor its a lot brighter than the rest of the image and that is a bit out of kilter 🙂


  5. I loved the effect, especially going with sepia but coloring back into the foreground like that. The pictures were all so different! I love to see all the creativity.



    1. In the latest version of bridge (that comes with photoshop) I can do 95% of my editing in that. It is all non-destructive editing too. So I never have to be concerned about ruining an original photo. I can switch to photoshop if I want to edit. It is a basically the same as Lightroom but not quite as powerful. But then with Photoshop, I have more than lightroom can give. Contact me if you need or want to talk further on this subject.


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