Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Rule of Thirds.  This is one of my favorite compositional tricks for taking a good photograph.

This photo is using the left third for the main point of focus.

022015rule of 1_3_1


This photo is using the left third and bottom third with the horses braided mane.022015rule of 1_3_2


This photo I know I put up fairly recently and I got a lot of comments from it.  It is because it fits the rule of thirds.022015rule of 1_3_3


This is another fairly recent one you all liked, rule of thirds because the main focus is really the orange beak and feet which is on the bottom third.


Qi (energy) hugs



  1. We all know the rule of thirds doesn’t mean just shooting off center, right? I can’t be the only one who objects to this gross over-simplification. It’s pretty misleading. But I love your pictures, whether or not you follow any rules at all 🙂


    1. Most of my photos of some sense of the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds seems simple,but it is really a complex issue. It’s more about a point of focus rather than the void space. Where does your eye go to first in your photo. And then where does your eye lead you. I just figure for the weekly prompt it isn’t worth getting that complex about it. I just have fun.


      1. I just wonder what relatively new photographers make of such … well … wrong information. I hope they don’t take it too much to heart. I try not think when I shoot. Just see. It has taken me a lifetime to turn off the brain and take pictures without over-thinking them. I used trying to make great compositions, the shot was gone before I pressed the shutter. But when it worked … well, that was great. I hadn’t even heard of the rule of thirds. I was just seeking perfection.


    1. Rule of thirds isn’t that easy. Composition of a photograph really isn’t that easy either. An easy way to think about rule of thirds …. your main point of focus needs to be in one of thirds (or two thirds). The rest of the photo really doesn’t matter. It can be void or full or colorful. Just have fun.

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  2. I love having fun – and I think that’s the main idea with a hobby like photography. There may be “rules” to follow, but I believe you see what looks good to the eye or not.
    Great shots.


  3. Great post! These photos and your explanations help me (who is just beginning to learn about things like the rule of thirds) to see beyond the rule of thirds as applying side to side and only having blank space around the subject. I love the way you caught the goose appearing to look at his feet!


  4. Someone once told me that they like how I followed the rule of thirds in one of my photos. I had no idea what they were talking about. And I still find it very difficult to figure out. You’ve explained it nicely thank you. 😉❤️


  5. These are great examples of Rule of Thirds. I try to take my pics like that, but sometimes when I crop a photo it goes into the 2nd third. So, I try not to crop 🙂


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