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One Word Photo Challenge: Teal

Here is my entry for the One Word Photo Challenge with the color of Teal.  I hope you enjoy my selection.







Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. the car is my fav. I’m going to a car show at the end of march (or April?) – I hope I see some fabulous cars to take pix of! You know I’ll share them.


  2. Cee, that glassware is gorgeous! Is that from your collection? I’m so excited!!! I’m able to head your way again soon. More time with my granddaughter! 😉 Best wishes, WG


      • Absolutely! She is beginning to walk and is at that delightful age (before the 2s) I would love to find glassware that color! Was the store in OR?


        • Yep, in Aurora, Colorado. A little town just south of Portland (and about 5 miles from me). The whole town is full of antique stores. When are you going to be out here and where?


          • Do you mean Aurora OR? I see that on the map south of Portland. I’m staying on the coast, and so we’ll head W on 99 a little north of there- I believe my daughter gets off of 5S around Tualitin. I’ll be there in late April 😉 Can hardly wait to breathe in Oregon once again. I’ll ask my daughter about Aurora, and see whether she will have time to shop on the day I arrive 😉 I always enjoy antique stores- but we’ll have the baby with us. Thank you, Cee!


            • I lived in Aurora, Colorado too. I lived in Colorado for nearly 30 years….so it is still easy for me to say Colorado. You are right …. I meant Oregon. Thanks for understanding my glitch. Have a great time here. 🙂

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              • Thank, you, Cee. How interesting that you have lived in two places named Aurora. Do you know what happened in Aurora TX in the late 19th century? I didn’t know there was an Aurora OR until you mentioned it 😉 I hope to spend a lot of time with grand baby while in OR, and get in some time for photography, too. 😉 I think a trip to the aquarium will be on the itinerary, too 😉 You live in such a beautiful place, Cee.


                  • We love walking through the tunnel where the fish swim all around you, and of course watching feeding time for the sea lions. Trips like this are so special with a little one in tow, seeing it all for the first time 😉 I hope the wildflowers will be coming out by late April. What do you think? I’ve been to OR in mid-March and had snow. I”m hoping for a few warm days in that last week of April 😉


                    • 😉 Thank you, Cee! Gardens in OR make me a bit gaga anyway. You can grow anything there! Humidity and warmth- One day maybe I’ll have the opportunity to garden in Oregon and enjoy the beauty there full time 😉 hope you’re having a good day. I”m going to go look now for your WPC: Orange. I’m sure you’ve already posted 😉 Mine just went up. Giant hugs, WG


  3. Beautiful pictures. I love that color. Back in grade school 50’s the nuns had us use “peacock blue” ink in our pens. I always loved it.. . .not so much when it got on our fingers loading the ink though Ha Ha.


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