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The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall

There was a time in my photographic adventures I was really into taking photos of walls.  This just happens to fit into this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  I hope you like my choices for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!








Qi (energy) hugs


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    • LOL….Hi Janet. I know I only thought of a couple of old ones I took, but I only ended up using one of them. I had more than I thought too!!!


  1. As a musician, I really like Wally’s Music! Even as just an observer, though, I still like it. The forms of the treble clef and the key signature and notes…cute! 😃🎶


  2. I think this is one of the most interesting photo prompts WP has done…The responses I’ve seen so far are wonderful! Did you see the wall of plants? Have loved looking at all of them, including yours, as usual…Judy


    • Yes I did see the wall of plants. We actually have a restaurant in a neighboring town who has it’s sign in plants and most of the wall in plants. I would have used it here, but there is a fence in front and it really took away from the “wall” aspect. 🙂

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      • Curious about how they manage it without breaking down the wall. I’m sure they must use peat moss stuffed behind chicken wire attached to the wall, but we have enough problems with silitre (efflorescence) in the walls of our brick and concrete walls as it is. But, I love the effect. If I could figure out how to do it, I would.


        • The wall I saw, the planters where built outside of the wall. It is like it is framed in treated wood and the plants really don’t adhere to the wall. I can’t say that is true for all walls. I’ve seen them do it like that on TV as well. But it sure does look like they are attached. 🙂


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