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ABFriday-One Photo Focus: Week 42

0330151pf-originalIt is time for One Photo Focus (make sure you click on the link to see how everyone edited this photo).  I adore this challenge for a couple of fun reasons, especially this month.

  1. Everyone edits the same photo and we get to see how everyone see’s the same thing in a different way.  It helps me grow as a photographer and someone who edits photographs.
  2. This month everyone is editing one of my photos.  Nancy over at Living the Seasons Blog is the person who suggested that I enter this photo to be edited.  And as most of you know, you all voted for this the photo of mine you wanted to edit and this one one.

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone does with this photo.

Here is my original photo is on the upper right of this post.  When I took this photo I just thought it would be cool for my Odd Ball Challenge.  The tree making a little arbor over the walkway to the house I thought was unique.  So I really didn’t have anything super fancy in mind regarding editing it.

The photo below was how I edited it for my odd ball challenge, so this is technically my 1st edit on it.  I tend to like photos that are realistic and close to the original.  It’s just my taste for the most part.  I brightened it and sharpened it a little bit.  But nothing more.  I really couldn’t think of anything else to do with it.  I wanted to highlight the green ivy and tree so I brightened that area up a bit and sharpened it.

0330151pf-initial edit

Any how since you all decided you wanted to edit this photo, I had to put my thinking cap on.  I’m not an expert in Photoshop even though I have it.  I do know Bridge and Camera Raw very well.  I decided I wanted to add more color to this photo.  I felt it needed a punch of something.  I know red is the brightest contrast to green, but I didn’t want to use red.  I felt it would look to Christmassy.  Then I thought I have always like blue and green together.  So I chose to use some bluish-greens to add a little color to this photo.  I also turned the roof brown and did a little cropping as well.  I hope you like what I did with this photo.  The editing was all done in Camera Raw.

0330151pf-2nd edit

I know it still won’t be as creative as your Photoshop and Nik Software users, but I had a lot of fun playing with my own photo.  I hope you did as well.

Thanks Stacy for this opportunity to learn some more and have a lot of fun in the process.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I love the blue door and steps. I definitely added some wow factor. And, I had a great time editing your pic too. Thanks for giving us something fun to work with:)


  2. Cee it was a great image that you gave us to edit. I love you pulled out the blue and brown as it balances the green really well. Really nice work. Once again thanks for giving us this iamge to play with.

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  3. I’m amazed by how completely natural the door and steps look after you turned them turquoise. Your color choices really do make the photo pop!


  4. Changing the color of the roof and porch was inspiring. I didn’t think of that at all when I was contemplating how to perk up that house and make it look better. Ya’ did good!



  5. Thanks again Cee for letting us play with your image! I like the colours in your picture, the blues and reddish Browns really pop out! 🙂


  6. Have to chuckle from your comment yesterday that you don’t do muted colors. Cee’s back!–the turquoise is beautiful!


  7. Your picture shows how much a picture changes when edit. I have played around with our pictures in the past. I checked the link and was amaze at how different the pictures were. Only one person chaned the color of the tree.


    • It is interesting at how many different versions there were. IT always fascinates me to see how other people are creative or see the same thing. 🙂


  8. I really like what you did with the colorizing. I tried to color the door but it just came out dull so I gave up. Thanks bunches for the great photo.


  9. Cee, it stands repeating, it was a great image to post-process, so I guess those who voted knew best 🙂 I love the huge pop of color you gave the photo. It really added another wonderful dimension! Who knew turquoise and green complemented each other so well! If the owners of the house could only see all the “changes” we wrought, I wonder what they would think??


  10. nice work Cee. thanks for contributing the image for this weeks after-before, it is always challenging working on someone else’s photo, but I also find I take greater leaps and try something new, so thanks for that. I love our final edit. the colours are great.


  11. I really like the pop of color you gave the porch and door! I had so much fun with this image, thanks for letting us play with it. 😀


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