An Update on the Arbor House – Small Towns Do Change.

Chris and drove past the house that I captured the Arbor Tree on that was used for ABFriday-One Photo Focus:  Week 42 (click to see my entry).  We were surprised to see that a sign was added to the front of the house and on the side of the house, since it is on a corner.  Chris looked up the business and it appears as if the front of the house is now a beauty salon.  The side view, we have no clue as it what type of spa business it is.  If you haven’t seen Stacy (person who hosts the ABFriday challenge) post click here One Photo Focus.

Here are some photos I took of the house as it appears today.



040915house update


040915house update_1

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    1. No the attic isn’t new. I just took the original photo for the arbor. This time I took with more of the house. No I didn’t go in. The house is too small for a B&B although we could use one here in town.

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