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One Four Challenge – May Week 1


Original photo

It is time for Robyn’s (Capivate Me blog) One Four Challenge for May Week 1.

For this challenge, Robyn wants us to use a single image and process it four different ways.  She encourages us to try new things, experiment and be as creative or subtle as we wish to be.

For this series I picked a photo I of a house that on first glance seems to be abandoned.  This house is actually lived in.  I took this photo at the end of April while Chris and I were driving some back roads in our area.  The only reason I know people lived there, was their garbage was out for pick up service.  And notice on the sliding door on the first level and balcony, they still have Christmas lights.


Week 1 Version

I really didn’t do a whole lot to enhance the photo.  Here are a couple of things I did.

  • Did some basic clean up, warming up and enhanced the clarity.
  • Crop it slightly (left side and bottom.
  • Highlight the green trees and bushes a little bit.
  • Toned down the sun on the roof a bit so it wouldn’t be so harsh on the eyes and show more of the mossy detail.

The remaining week’s I’ll get more creative.  I kind of like the house as it is.  It will be fun to see how I get inspired over the next few weeks.

050415week 1

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I very much like what you did — and didn’t do. It’s a great old house, though it looks like in the scheme of things, it’s “house-1, owners-0.”


  2. Cee, what a fabulous discovery – this run down house and all of it’s detail.
    Really like the subtle changes for this first week. Looking forward to the rest too 😀


      • I like that approach Cee 😃 Its what I do mostly too, but if I know I have a busy month, I plan ahead.
        Looking forward to the next ones. This old house has lots to offer 😃


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