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One Word Photo Challenge: Storm

Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge has a new topic and it is weather.  This week’s specific topic is Storm.  I hope you like my selection for today.

A park road covered in pine needless after a heavy rainstorm.



Miss MacKenzie shaking her head after a snow storm.050615storm_2

Of of our local rivers flooded after a heaving winter’s rainstorm.


Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. There something coming up the post. I hope they are wrong. I think we’ve had enough storms. How long was your snow on the ground? I’m guess a few hours before it melted? That’s the kind I like! Quickly gone!


  2. I love pugs! The first time my mom’s pug saw snow he thought food was falling from the skies and tried to eat it all as it fell. Gotta love ’em.


    • Miss MacKenzie hates getting her feet wet…..we live in Oregon where it rains most of the time. She is so not an outdoor dog here. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


  3. We had a hail/thunder/lightning storm here yesterday afternoon. Since our storms are mild enough to not be scary, I really enjoy them. I imagine the muddy aftermath of your last photo wasn’t so fun though!


    • We barely got any rain yesterday. Down here we don’t get much thunder or lightning. I wish we got more. The hail we get is non threatening … that I like. In Colorado where we used to live hail could get to be tennis ball size or bigger. Not so fun.


  4. I feel for MacKenzie here. I wouldn’t want to put my bear paws in that cold stuff either. Love these images Cee. I’ve never seen a road so covered in pine needles – it’s beautiful though.


  5. Floods are common place here…. at least the high waters in the rivers- not the vast destruction of homes- there is nothing better than a leisurely drive along the rover’s edge to see Mother Nature at work.


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