Travel Theme: Subtle

Here is my entry for Alisa’s Travel Theme Challenge with the topic of Subtle this week.  Okay I have to admit, I do not photograph anything that appears to be subtle.  Here is what I came up with for this challenge.  I hope you ENJOY!

Our pugs (Shadow left, MacKenzie right) are actually two different types of breeds.  Miss Shadows coloring is called apricot and Miss MacKenzie is called fawn.  I think they both blend into the sand.




I took this photo a couple of years ago, I liked the simplicity of the tree just starting to bud out and the soft shadow.  I’ve always changed the color of the building’s background before, this time I left it alone.


This rose and shadow is obviously been altered.  I initially had it as sepia and left the red roses red.  It was too sharp a contrast, so I just decreased the saturation and I really liked the more subtle approach in this photo.

050915subtleQi (energy) hugs



  1. Like the dogs very much. The trees don’t do it for me and I like the original color of the rose. I wish I could take a good couse on photo correction. I know how to do some. and sometimes play with it.


  2. Oh,Cee. I had to chuckle on your comment about you and subtle. You’re funny. Your pugs are so darn cute! I just want to reach into the picture and give them little hugs.


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