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One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s One World Photo Challenge with the topic of cloudy.  I hope you enjoy my cloud photos.






Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. The second photo is really interesting with a dinosaur like tree and the other one like an old lady. 🙂


    • They are some kind of cypress. I really don’t know that much about them. There are a couple of nurseries who grow them around where I live.


  2. Those trees! How cool! I agree with the other commenters – dinosaurs or else the trees are reaching towards the horizon. Fab.


  3. wow – the line of the clouds in the windmill photo is interesting – and goes with the other lines and just has a great feel.


  4. These are stunning. I love the strangely shaped trees in the 2nd image – almost as if they are pointing us onward to the impending storm. Your last image is so lovely in it’s bright, vibrant colors. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Very cool clouds. Especially that 3rd one- the clouds are just so there in the middle of that colorful picture. 🙂


  6. I like the second photo. I think I’ve seen too many Jurassic World previews lately though because I kept looking for a dinosaur 😃


    • 🙂 You are not the only ones. I’m so used to those trees, I don’t see it anymore. But they do make some interesting shapes.


  7. Clouds are so fun and moody. Another great idea for a post. It makes me want to go through my archives and pick out some good ones… Has anyone out there faked clouds on another photo by photoshopping them in? It feels like cheating to me but they really are so glorious. 🙂


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