One Four Challenge – May Week 4

Original photo

It is time for Robyn’s (Capivate Me blog) One Four Challenge for May Week 4.

For this challenge, Robyn wants us to use a single image and process it four different ways.  She encourages us to try new things, experiment and be as creative or subtle as we wish to be.

For this series I picked a photo I of a house that on first glance seems to be abandoned.  This house is actually lived in.  I took this photo at the end of April while Chris and I were driving some back roads in our area.  The only reason I know people lived there, was their garbage was out for pick up service.  And notice on the sliding door on the first level and balcony, they still have Christmas lights.


Week 4 Version

I took my original version and changed it to black and white with a hint of a sepia rosy antique.  Added a slight vignette around the edges. I also cropped it just a little bit on the left side and bottom.



Week 3 Version




Week 2 Version



Week 1 Version

050415week 1

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Ooh gosh, so hard to make a choice!
    I think the mono for me this time round, (I like the rosey tint and the film grain feel) although I must say I’ve enjoyed each week with it’s different feel.
    This old house was a good subject to spend some time on 🙂


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