The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way

Here is my entry for The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of On the Way.  Have a terrific weekend everyone. This old barn is on the way to Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. wpc   This old building is on one of the main streets in Canby.  I pass this every time I want to leave town.wpc1 Qi (energy) hugs Cee


  1. In my book, a town that has an old barn on one of the main streets is a great town! Thank you for sharing these. It is fun to see sights that you regularly see as you’re on your way.


  2. I actually was overwhelmed by the dark clouds..on the way to a downpour ? Then you mentioned the ‘Barn’ that you see, often. Now tell us what is a barn used for…we on this side of the world need prompts:). And…thanks for stopping by my blog.


    1. I really don’t know what they use the barn for. I know on the property there is a chiropractic office. I’m assuming it was in the house, but the barn could have been re-built so there is livable space inside and the office in there.

      Thanks for asking. I sometimes don’t know what to say about my photos, so keep asking me questions. I may start writing more.

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