The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Here is my entry for The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Vivid.  Have a terrific weekend everyone.

A dahlia.


A rooster.  I adore all the shiny colors in this guy.060515vivid_1

A hydrangea with varying pH in the soil.  060515vivid

Wooden Shoe Tulip Field.

Qi (energy) hugs



      1. For a minute I thought that might be you, and said, now that’s dedication…that’s how she gets all those flower shots. Thankfully some plants grow up tall so the rest of us only have to kneel, at worst, to take the photos 🙂


  1. I have fairly vivid memories of being attacked by a rooster when I was about seven. I used to give it the wiiiiiiiiiiiidest berth possible for a few weeks…..maybe until it became dinner. Who knows??


  2. Beautiful work. I love seeing you flat out on your stomach to get a shot. Finally, a representation of what is going on behind the camera. On my belly is how you will find me most of the time and I’m sure folks (especially my neighbors) think I’m nuts. Whatever it takes to get that perfect shot!


  3. Fantastic colours, the last photo is a pose I can be seen in a lot of the times, often I get some very odd looks and comments from passers by. Love the rooster such detail and of course vivid colour 🙂


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