Serendipity Photo Story Prompt: Floors

There is something fun about taking photos of floors and hallways.  Just think of all the various people who have walked these floors shown below.  Oh the stories they could tell.  I thought I would play with Marilyn over at Serendipity’s Photo Story Prompt with the topic this week of floors.  I hope you like my selection.

I took this photo many years ago at the one photography course I ever took.  This was a business building hallways with a janitors mop and bucket.  There are also great shapes in this photo as well.



Can you imagine all the people who have walked this popular mall.  I happen to be there early on a weekday so there were not many people around yet.  I wouldn’t want to be the people in charge of keeping this floor clean and shiny.


An old woolen mill factory wood floor.


Qi (energy) hugs



    1. Yep they do have a people who do just that. Have you ever thought how they keep the hospital floors so shiny too. I heard them at nights with the buffers 😀 Thanks for commenting.


  1. I never thought about floors – but then before I started your challenges I never thought about machinery, vehicles and other assorted items I take pictures of these days! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I wouldn’t like to be a shopping mall cleaner although it wouldn’t be the worst cleaning job in the world. You have probably seen the cleaners with their carts mopping up spills but I’m guessing that at night they use a machine to shine them up again.
    I like the wooden floor, that woolen mill must have been an interesting place to visit although I bet the machinery was noisy. I worked in a towel factory once but couldn’t stand the din.


    1. I’m sure they do use big machines in the malls for their floor buffing. They have actually kept the mill in early 1900’s condition, including the lighting. The do run the mill or some of the machines during the tours. What amazes me is the little bit of lighting they had and that mill ran 24 hours a day.


  3. The shiniest tile floor I’ve ever seen is in the Guadalajara airport. Haven’t looked down when I’ve been there recently, but wish i’d thought to take a picture when I first noticed it. Your picture beats even the airport, however. Amazing.


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