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3 Days, 3 Quotes (Day 1)

I have been nominated by a few people to take part in the 3 Day, 3 Quotes challenge.  I’ve decided to participate.  I would like to thank

  1. Helen at HHC Blog
  2. Angela at Shoot N Go
  3. Sabina at Orange Marmelade Press
  4. Miss C at Unkept Mind

I want to say I am over joyed and thrilled you all want me to participate in this challenge.

The rules state that I need to nominate 3 other people to participate.  I have so many bloggers who follow me I think I’m going to nominate just two people a day and let the third person remain for anyone who wants to jump in who has not been asked.  I know there has been times, especially when I was new at blogging, I wanted to be asked to participate in a challenge and I never got nominated.  I don’t want to leave anyone out.  So please feel free to participate in this fun challenge.

Here is my quote and photo for today.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

–Lao Tzu


I would like to nominate From Hiding to Blogging and Giving Thought/Giving Site.  If you don’t know these bloggers I think you will enjoy their blogs, so please go and check them out.  Remember my third nomination is anyone who desires to play along in this challenge.  Consider yourself asked.

Qi (energy) hugs



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      • I will try but I am taking the lead in service tomorrow and on two funerals next week. Our lead pastor’s wife shattered her knee in the church fellowship hall and he is home caring for her. Our congregation has been great about reaching out to help in the meantime.


  1. I love the quote: now those step…if only I had those steps- THEN I would do my morning exercises! …If only! 😉 btw, I’ve watched so many blogs I follow and that follow me post all these awards: variety, beauty, inspiration, etc…and it always looks like an exhausting honor! 🌟I , too, have never received any of those awards on my blog. I have made amazing blogging friendships and have received amazing wisdom from fellow bloggers….I think those things are rewards (very similar to awards?!) and to be CLEAR- I’m not wishing for blog awards! I was making an observation..❤️blessings!!!!!


    • I will play along with those that involve photos. I don’t usually participate in the other ones. I did when I first started blogging because it was a great way to get to know other people and they to know you.

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  2. He he he he… only took 4 of us!!! THANKS!!!
    Wonderful quote and a great photo to go with the quote! Like Greta, I wish I had those steps in my backyard 😉
    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Phenomenal image and phenomenal quote!!! I Love this, Cee! Great job and good luck with the challenge! I just finished with one and they are called a challenge for a reason. 🙂 Have a great weekend! Love, Amy ❤


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