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One Word Photo Challenge: Sand Storm

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge with the topic of Sand Storm.  I don’t have any photos a sand storm.  But here is what I came up with for this week’s topic.

Dust being blown up by a motorcycle.


These are the sand dunes near Coos Bay, Oregon.



070715sand_2Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Well, they are certainly storming over the sand. And taking pictures of an actual sandstorm would be seriously injurious to one’s lenses! 🙂


        • Your miniatures usually give me ideas!!! Our weather her is so mild….rain without thunder or lightning, no fancy clouds. We are either sunny or simply gray skies. Rarely do we have significant sunrise or sunsets. Our storms are usually rain and rarely snow. Our hail is maybe a 1/4 inch at best. So …… you are keeping me thinking on this round of words 😀

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          • 🙂 The weather is much like that hear too. I mean it rains and thunders and lightnings and maybe there’s some wind, but past that, nothing. I guess you could say we’re both lucky in that sense, but it sure makes it harder to take weather images. The topics are forcing me to be creative as well. I knew they would from the start, but that sure hasn’t made it easier.


    • There is a whole lot of Oregon I’ve not explored. The Cascade Mountain everything of where I live for the most part. The mountains and weather remind me a lot of Colorado (high desert) so we’ve really not explored much there. 😀


  2. Great pictures and very sandy. I’m a little surprised your state lets people to ride on the dunes. Around here, the dunes are protected to keep them from eroding into non-existence. They are so fragile.


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