One Four Challenge – July Week 3

072015one julyI’m playing along with Robyn in her One Four Challenge for July.  Here is my Week 3 entry.

I decided to play with this sign and bicycle.  I took this photo at Canby Community Park.  I just thought it had an air of irony to it.  This is my original photo to the right.

Week 3 Edit

For this week I went with a major crop.

  • I cropped out the sign (but not the pole way to hard)
  • This shows more of the tree stump and little bit of wet road.
  • Brightened the green and darkened the oranges just a little bit.

I hope you enjoy the results.

072015one july_2Week 2 Edit



Week 1 Edit

070615one photo_1Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Hi Cee – I think your close crops works well too.
    Makes me feel like someone is going to grab the bike and ride off at any second 😃😃
    I also like the slight saturation. Amazing how an image can change with a different viewpoint.
    Nicely done Cee 😃😃


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