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Sandcastles the Modern Way

I was blown away by these wild modernistic sandcastles done by architect Calvin Seibert.  Even if modern architecture isn’t your thing, these sandcastles are still fun to look at.  See more and read an interview with their creator at ArchDaily.



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  1. Amazing how people spend so much time building these incredible sandy sculptures. I don’t think I’ve seen one this modern though, so thanks for sharing!


  2. We were in the beach and my two-yr old daughter wanted a BIG castle. Biggest castle I could do was just a bucket tall. It was hard! So these pictures are awesome! Looks easy but NOT!


  3. Reblogged this on lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown and commented:
    These castles are so incredible. I’ve just spent the last hour looking up everything I can about their creator. Of everything I’ve seen, these castles are by far my favorites. I can see entire cities based on the designs of the largest, most involved ones. I can see intergalactic visitors hovering over earth to see them. It would become the Barcelona of the universe. Thanks so much, Chris, for sharing them. I can’t resist adding this link:


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