One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge with the topic of Snow.  As most of you know I don’t live where it snows a lot.  So here are a couple of photos that I have that are of snow.

View of Mt Hood from Canby, Oregon.


My footprint in the snow.081315snow_3

Chris in 1996, Littleton, Colorado. (Yes I had a digital camera way back then.  It was a sony)081315snow_2

MacKenzie afraid to get her feet week.081315snow

Qi (energy) hugs



    1. Snow can stay away in Canby, but we only average .5 inch year anyway. The foothills and mountains sure need it though. It can rain everyday as far as I am concerned down here 😀


  1. Beautiful shot of Mt Hood and great shots of your foot print, Chris in the snow covered cars, and your adorable pug.


    1. We didn’t until they put in this overpass over some train tracks. So on a clear day that is the place to go. Chris drops me off and turns around and waits on the bottom where she can pull over. 😀

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