The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Here is my entry or The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Creepy.  ENJOY!  Have a great weekend everyone.

I don’t normally, okay rarely if ever, take creepy photos.  It is just not my thing.  I don’t even take photos of bugs, but that is a whole different reason.  I do however have a few halloween photos I have played with.  Anyhow, my creepy is closer to the G rating movie than any other thing.




Qi (energy) hugs



      1. I do like Halloween. Not really the actual day anymore, since my kids don’t go trick-or-treating but I like all the decorations and goodies that abound in the month leading up to Halloween.


  1. My heart definitely skipped a bit as I scrolled down to see your picture in my feed! At the same time, the featured picture is rather interesting. Why would a skull be placed on lace and frills? I wondered.


  2. I have been looking though the Creepy shots. You have definitely defined the genre with these photos! Brilliant photos but so glad your talents are usually used for other much more lovely things. Best wishes! TJ


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