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ABFriday: One Photo Focus – Week 58

It is time for Stacy over at Visual Venturing, ABFriday One Photo Focus Challenge.  Please make sure you click on the link to see how everyone edited the photo submitted by Ben Rowe of Aperture64 Blog.  Here is Ben’s original photo of the Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom.


I really like this photo and I like his composition.  However, in my true sense of the word I did crop it a couple of times. I would like to know which of the version you like best.  Obviously I had some fun with it.

Crop of just the castle.

090115edited castle


A 16×9 crop of the castle with driveway and benches.
090115edited 16x9


The original with my edits.

090115edited non crop

All my editing was done in Adobe Bridge.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I like the original with your edits AND the 16X9 with your edits. Both nice perspective and enough left in the picture to make it interesting. And you got it all to “pop.”


  2. I like the 16×9 the best. Without the extraneous grass and sky, it brings the castle and benches into better prominence. And keeping the benches in the photo adds interest. Since they are faced away from the castle, it makes me want to know what the view is from that position. Nice editing.


  3. I’m the opposite of a photographic expert, I’m afraid. I do know what end of the camera faces forward, more or less. For what it’s worth, I like the second version best and I think it looks great in your header.


  4. Different crops focus the eye on a different subject. I like the benches included because it makes the eye feel like it’s going down the long path to the castle (subject). Just the castle itself doesn’t tell as much of a story to me. So I voted for the 16×9. Nice crop.


  5. Well, of course my favorite is the 16×19 crop. It so closely resembles my own. And I like your color palette, too.


  6. I like the first and second edits. I think the first edit shows the beautiful warm tones you have pulled out from the image better and the second works better for me compositionally. 🙂


  7. I like #2, but I wonder how it would look to take more off of the right (maybe even some or all of the first chair) and add a little more space onto the left. From my viewpoint, #1 is too heavy on the bottom right, and on #3 the dead looking grass at the front is better eliminated like #2. It’s quite a good example of how much difference placement of objects makes.


  8. Okay, so it seems the photo I posted for your submission was the least favored – sorry about that! And seeing the images with fresh eyes, today I too would have chosen the 16:9. It’s always interesting to see how cropping can change the feel of an image, and running a poll was a fun choice 🙂 Thanks, Cee, for always shakin’ up 1PF 🙂


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