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One Word Photo Challenge: Earthquake

Here is my entry for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge with the topic color of earthquake.  I have experienced some good sized earthquakes when I was a kid and living in southern California.  But the last 30 years or so I have lived places that are not known for earthquakes.  I do, however, live where there are volcanoes and with volcanoes there are always earthquakes.  Most of the highest peaks in the Pacific Northwest are active or inactive volcanoes.

Both of these mountains are considered active volcanoes.

Mt Rainer near Tacoma, Washington.




Then of course there is Mt St Helen’s in Washington.  Do you remember where you were in 1980.  I was actually in Washington DC and Maryland visiting a friend when this volcano erupted.  I lived in Southern California at that time.092215earthquakeQi (energy) hugs,


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  1. Mount St.Helen’s fuelled my love of volcanoes – we studied it at school and being the (some say annoying!) goody-two- shoes I was, I remember doing an entire presentation on it at home. Wanted to be a seismologist or volcanologist for ages, but I’m not that scientifically gifted unfortunately!


  2. Love them both! From where I live I can’t see St. Helens, but I can Mt. Rainier. And it always makes me smile! These past couple weeks have been a bit tough, but yesterday Mt. Rainier was sooooo pretty at sunset that, for the few seconds I spoted it on my drive home, I felt great again. 😉


  3. Earthquakes seem rather shaky subjects for photography! Great volcano shots.
    We don’t have volcanoes at all, but I remember living on the Witwatersrand near Johannesburg where pictures hanging on the wall jiggling about was such a common sight it didn’t even interrupt a conversation. Just another severe earth tremor …


  4. 🙂 Oh, gosh, I remember earth quakes in Southern California ages ago. Scary! So scary!
    The positive side was that one year our school was closed for a week due to the earth quakes 😀 We sure liked that! 😀


  5. We were living in southeast Washington state when St Helens blew off her top. My husband was caught in the ash storm while I watch the Mariners play in Chicago and half the stream was the west side of the state. No one new about the ash storm at that time He and his friend did not get back to Tri-Cities for about 5 days.


      • Contrary we only got a dusting of ash. We heard the explosion but thought it was a sonic boom. My first inkling was when I turned on the TV for Mariners game and saw the Yakima sheriff warning to stay out the ash. Tri-Cities was the point where the shut the road down. The other point was _____
        It two hours to reach Tri-Cities. I will never forget the ash cloud it was unique. The newspaper put out a special edition and sold out in an hour. People would dump ash in envelope and mail it friends. The ash would fall and damaged the machinery in the post office. The newspaper had a request not to send ash that way. The fair gounds were open to house the animals and they dumped mail and you could go and get all you wanted free. What ash we got lay an area of concrete on the soil that water could not get through. It too an hour to shut down the eastern part of the state.
        Link to my blog is


  6. Great photo subject for the theme of earthquakes! When St. Helens blew I was in my front yard crying because my parents had just told me they wouldn’t buy a pony we had looked at. We heard rumbling and felt some shaking but never did get buried in the ash like my dad predicted. 🙂


    • Earthquakes are quite fascinating…especially if the building you are in is built for earthquakes. In California the floors had waves in them like the oceans and the walls would go up and down on opposite sides of the room. The were fun to be in. But then I have always been in fairly modern buildings that could withstand the quakes.


  7. Beautiful photos. yes I remember where IU was in 1980 and all of the ash we woke up to. It was the first time I realized how far thing slick volcanic ash could flow on the breezes.


  8. Lovely captures, Cee! When I visited Seattle, Mt. Rainer sadly was not “out.” 1980! Was it really that long ago when Mount St. Helen’s erupted?? Wow. I was finishing up school in Michigan and planning an August wedding 🙂


  9. I love these photos, Cee. I was planning to visit Mt Rainer when I was in Seattle early Sept. and I was so looking forward to it, but I was too sick to go ;-( I learned that sometime you just had to laugh about the situation. What else can you do? 😉 Thanks for the photos.


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