Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Final Features and a Fond Farewell

092915wwFirst of all, thank you each and everyone who has ever participated in Cee’s Which Way Challenge.  I have always enjoyed all the photos.  I adore seeing a glimpse of life though your eyes.  This challenge I know for me has sure been a lot of fun.

You can look for which ways topics to pop up in my Black & White and Fun Foto challenges.  I can’t let go of you all that easily.

Before I get to the featured bloggers for this week.  I wanted to share this farewell poem with you.  It was written by Judy Dykstra-Brown.

Cry Me A River

She’s been showing us the way to go for all these many weeks–
searching for direction through photography that speaks.
Roads and forest pathways, windows gate and doors.
There is no single portal that this challenge abhors.
It always was the hardest for me to try to fill,
like lugging all my photographs up the tallest hill.
I think I usually took this theme a good way ’round the bend,
but Cee’s supply  of “Which Way” shots never seemed to end!
Soon “Which Way” will be over, and there will be no more
photographing every river, sidewalk, bridge or door.
We’ll go back to snapping cats, flowers, churches, peoples–
bending over gardens and hanging off of steeples.
I hope there’ll be new challenges that tell us where to go,
for when it comes to what to shoot, some of us are slow.
But on this very final week, let’s all just bid adeiu
by crying Cee some rivers–and sending in a few!

UntitledFeatured Bloggers

This week I’m proud to announce the eatured bloggers for this last week.  I am actually featuring everyone who entered for  Cee’s Which Way Challenge 2015 Week #38 (final week).   You stuck with me till the end.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Dear Cee, thank you so much for that wonderful challenge, for all your photos, for your motivating words and the featuring. I enjoyed every single ‘Which Way Challenge’ I’ve ever participated in (:


  2. Thank you for featuring this week and on previous occasions…it has always been a buzz to be included. Thank you also for organising the challenges…I honestly don’t know how you find the time. Finally, I look forward to your new ventures on your blog. Cheers, Woolly. 😃😂 sad to see which way go!


  3. What a wonderful poem Judy!
    I will miss this challenge, even tho I was late a bloomer into it. I had a lot of fun and I am so excited to see what Cee has in store for us! 🙂


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