One Photo Focus – October

It is time for Stacy over at Visual Venturing, ABFriday One Photo Focus Challenge.  Please make sure you click on the link to see how everyone edited the photo submitted by Michelle of Michelle Lunato Photography Blog.  Here is her original photo.

092815One Photo Focus _1

For me this was an obvious and simple editing job.  I really liked the photo as it was.  The part of the photo I really did like was the color in the light rays and the sparkling water.  So here is basically what I did.

  • Adjusted for Michelle’s Canon camera and lens.
  • Dehazed the photo slightly.
  • Added a lot more yellow to it.  This makes it appear warmer and close to the golden hour.
  • Cropped the image to a portrait and highlight the rays and sparkling water.
  • Brought up the vibrance to pull out more of the rainbow colors of the rays.

092815One Photo Focus edited

All my editing was done in Adobe Bridge.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. What a difference! It always amazes me what elements can be brought out of an image that are already there but just need to be teased out with some minor adjustments. I like both the original photo and your edit.


  2. What a stunning after picture! The sparkling on the water really leaps off the screen now.

    Thanks for including the steps in your editing process. How do you ‘dehaze’? This is a problem I find on many of my photos and I don’t know how to correct it.


    1. The latest version of Bridge has slider. You can play around with it usually in curves. Bring your dark a tad bit in (or lower) and it should take away some of the haze.


  3. Love the portrait crop, and warming the photo up added that lovely golden hour look beautifully! Simple, yet very effective, steps 😀 Thanks, as always, for “playing,” Cee!


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