CCY: Week #1 Gold Star Award and Features

Welcome to our first Gold Star Award and Features for Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge (CCY).   I can tell you all had a lot of fun with this first challenge.  I’m so thrilled so many of your wanted to participated.  Each of you touched my heart more than you know.  Thanks.

These bloggers all deserve a second or third look for their entries to  Week #1 How your camera is not like your eye Challenge.

Gold Star Award

5-gold-starsI would like to congratulation the first Gold Star Award winner XingfuMama.  It is a well thought out post and her photos are great for the purposes of this challenge.  She went above and beyond what I asked for.  She even told us what she learned.  Here are her final three photos.  The middle photo is her favorite.

Here is what she said about what she learned.

What did I learn?

I like this focal length best when there is an obvious subject in the foreground. My favorite is the one with Ginger close to me.

Mostly stuff is too far away to really capture your attention.

The big picture has so many things in it that it is really hard to make your intended subject pop. It might work better for a simpler background with a larger subject.

It works better for dogs than birds.

Applying what I learned– I took these pictures today without zoom

Photos by XingfuMama

Note:  CCY Gold Star Award is awarded to one  blogger each week and have their photo displayed.  To be eligible for the Gold Star Award you need to have completed the extra credit for the week. 


022414-feature-bannerHere our first set of features for CCY  Week #1.

Shedding Light

Park Preview

Captivate Me

Julie Powell

Beautiful Hart Project

Future Challenges

Current Series – Basic Photo Composition

The Next Series – All About Lines

  • Week #5 Leading Lines
  • Week #6 Horizontal Lines
  • Week #7 Vertical Lines
  • Week #8 Diagonal Lines

To find out more how to enter this challenge check CCY Home page.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Even though I didn’t participate in the challenge, I learned a lot by reading the other entries. Most times I take pictures I am trying to capture something ordinary in a cool way and rarely thinking about composition. This lesson has helped me realize the importance of composition as a goal and not an afterthought.


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