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Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Week #3 Always Take more than One Photo

banner-compose-yourself-challengeCee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge (CCY) will be a combination weekly “tips and tricks” combined with a photo challenge.  

To find out who was awarded the Gold Star Award and Features for this week, please see  CCY Week 2 – Gold Star Award and Features (What All Well-Composted Photos have in Common).

To find out more how to enter this challenge check CCY Home page.

This week’s CCY Theme is Always Take More than One Photo.


With this digital age, taking more than one photo is always, always smart.  You never know if you had a blurry shot, or the wind came up, you breathed wrong, or a hundred other reasons to have a not-so-perfect shot.

When you do take multiples, you can take a photo from the same angle just to make sure you got the shot, but you can also try taking it from different angles, just to see if you can work a little more interest into your photo.

For landscapes, you can do the same thing.  Most landscape have one solid object like a grouping of trees, a mountain, etc. and you can walk to capture them from a slightly different angle.

Notice in this example how moving slightly has changed how these trees are oriented with each other.  Which do you like best.  (Photos were not cropped or edited.)

For now, experiment with taking multiple shots from slightly different angles, just to expand your vision.  Squat down, stand on something, walk a few feet to one side and then the other.  If it’s a small object, move it.  Shot from the back of it or straight down onto the top of it.

The opportunity to take that photo again may never come back.  The lighting might shift, people get in your frame or you’re on vacation and don’t have time to return and shoot the scene again.  Digital memory is relatively cheap these days.  The price of experimenting with real film was always expensive, given the cost of film, development and printing.  But digital is cheap and easy.  So don’t be stingy with your shots.  Take plenty and enjoy yourself.

Your Turn

Take a series of photos of one object from at least six different angles.  You can put them in a gallery to save space on your upload.  Show the good, the bad and the ugly in your gallery.

Extra credit for Gold Star Award

On your blog post, choose the two best photos from the group, upload them at whatever size you would regularly use so everyone can see them clearly, then explain why you like them.  Did anything surprise you?

Current Series – Basic Photo Composition

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  • Week #7 Vertical Lines
  • Week #8 Diagonal Lines

My Entry for the Week

This is a 6 out of about 12 photos that I took of this Flame Thrower dahlia.  I did not editing except for slight sharpening and lens correction.  I used my Sony a7II camera with 18-200 lens zoomed most of the way in for most of these.  The lighting wasn’t the best but I think for the purposes of this challenge, it works well.  Click on any photo to see gallery and my comments pertaining to each photo.

My Extra-Credit Photos

I like this photo because the lighting was better.  The flower looks happy and I can see the swirls.  I think they are neat.

101315gallery good

I like this angle because of the dramatic colors showing the color of my wall behind it.  The swirly petals are cool too.101315gallery good_3


Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I LOVE your pictures. The swirls are such a nice touch for sure. And I agree, the blue behind the one picture gives is pizazz! I took some pictures last weekend that fit your challenge perfect, or so I thought. Here is mine for the week:


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  3. In answer to your first question…I like the left photo, where there is more of the red foliage showing. I have enough trouble as it is distinguishing red from greens in this setting. The left photo also has part of a fourth green tree which has me wondering just how many tees there were in total. The right photo also has something in the foreground which is distracting…a post, or disused bore pipe perhaps? However, I do like the lack of sky in this photo.

    As for your dahlias…my favourite is your favourite. However, and this is where I get blocked from CCYC…while blue is my favourite colour…I do prefer backgrounds less bold than this blue…particularly with such a beautiful subject.

    Cee, this is the longest comment I have left in 2+ years of blogging. Let me know if you would like less…please. After sitting through a camera club workshop this morning, I have decided I know very little about composition and photography…but do have an opinion. 🙂 I’m quite happy to be ‘shot down’. Time for bed 🙂


    • Regarding the first two photos, I didn’t crop or clean up any messy stuff that is why the bore pipe is still in the photo. Normally I would take that out. A couple other angles I have of the trees it shows them all so differently. No I normally don’t like the blue color the deep either. If I were to do my post processing as normal I would probably turn it black or really lighten the blue. I’m not sure which way I would go, probably make it darker so the flower pops more.

      Please comment like this. I adore hearing other people opinions. In fact I’m thinking about have a challenge every once in awhile on CCY that is giving you bloggers a chance to voice your opinions on what is compositionally wrong or right about my photos. So keep talking.

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  4. Love the red against the green Cee. Gives the impression of the trees being on fire!….well it does in my strange twisted head anyway. One love 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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