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One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

Here is my entry for  Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge with the topic of Winter.

We really don’t snow much, if at all, where I live in Oregon.  So instead of the few times it does snow, I thought I would show you a little bit of our “normal” winter type weather.

During winter storms or breaks in storms we can have some fabulous splashes along the coast.


Fog is not an uncommon site inland and especially along the coast.102715winter_6

We will get hoar frost from time to time.102715winter_5

Typical sunny winter’s day in an Orchard.102715winter_3

Leaves that refused to fall in the winter.102715winter_2

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. It’s funny… I think of Oregon as being on the general lattitude of Vermont. I know Vermont gets snow. But then I remember that Oregon does touch the Pacific and California which are very warm. It does help to give perspective outside of my bubble! Thanks for that!. These are great pictures. I love the fog and the frost crystals the best. I have a hard time getting color or substance through fog pictures here.It all just seems muted and blurred. Is there a specific setting you use?


  2. These photos really show the beauty of our winters! Maybe it’s not as dramatic as snow but we do have our moments of beauty.


  3. The many faces of winter. Very nice variety! I especially like the pattern of the hoar frost.. and the boats in the fog is my favorite! Such a dreamy lonely shot even though that marina looks packed 🙂


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