Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Here is my entry for Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge and her topic is Nighttime.  I know I have probably used these photos before, but I really don’t take a lot of nighttime photos.  I hope you enjoy these.

Nearly nighttime on the rainy Pacific Ocean.


The glow of a soft lit outdoor light.

My car in the dark.102815nightQi (energy) hugs



  1. I’ve wondered how you keep track of all your photos and what you’ve posted and what you haven’t. Difficult! These photos deserve to be seen more than once.


    1. I keep a file where I have photos I’ve posted. Although I sometimes forget to add things to it. And then there are those times, I’m just plain lazy and look through my photos in WP itself to find something. But I really don’t do that often.


  2. Amazing photos! I have to tell you how much I like these photos!!!
    Taiwan is hot! Saw my God sister yesterday – last time I saw her was 45 year ago ! She held my hand for hours… I am grateful for having a chance to spend time with her.


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