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Thank You to All Our Veterans

(Words by Chris, pictures by Cee)

Cee and I try to honor the diversity of all of you who follow her blog.  We try to avoid political, religious and ethnic controversy so that everyone will feel welcome.

Today is an exception, though, so please forgive me.  It’s Veterans Day in the United States.  As a disabled Vietnam vet, it’s my day.  I spend it remembering fallen and damaged friends, and reconnecting with a time in my life that formed a lot of who I have become.

For the United States veterans, welcome home my sisters and brothers.  Thank you for raising your hand and swearing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

For veterans of military service around the world, I honor your service, too.  Some of you were allies, some of you were not.  War is never a good solution to any human conflict, but we all managed to persevere, settle our differences and evolve into a global society.

May we come to live as citizens of a world that knows peace and love for one another.

From Cee:

Here is my entry for Jude’s challenge at Travel Words Blog Bench Series #45 and Marilyn’s challenge at Serendipity Blog with Photo Prompt Challenge: Veterans Day.  ENJOY.

These photos were taken at the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indian (Oregon USA)  Veterans Memorial on a wet rainy day.  This first photo is a bench that honors all branches of the US Military.

110915bench - memorial to veterans

This photo show the entire memorial with the bench in the foreground.  I can just see veterans and veterans’ families just sitting and enjoying the beautiful view that is behind the memorial honoring their loved ones.

110915bench - memorial to veterans_1

Qi (energy) hugs

Cee and Chris

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  1. Beautiful, timely, and touching. Thank you Chris, for your service and Cee for your beautiful pictures. So many of my friends served in wars that seem to have been forgotten. It’s good we have a day for remembrance … and for once, at least, the entire world remembers together. Maybe the only thing the world seems to agree upon! Thank you again.


  2. A most poignant and apt bench today Cee and Chris. Thank you for sharing this. If only the world could come together and agree that war is not the answer.


  3. Thank you for your service, Chris, and thanks to all veterans as well as their families, all of whom give so much in order to keep us safe and free. You are truly appreciated. I’d love to live in a world without war, but as I don’t believe that will ever happen, our debt is ongoing.



  4. How very beautiful, Cee and Chris. I feel slightly ashamed that I was not aware of your service in Vietnam, Chris. It’s a very moving experience to watch the parades and commemorations around the world.


  5. Thank you for your service Chris. I hope your Veterans Day was enjoyed and full of good memories. And of course, I enjoyed your photos Cee. As always, they are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your world and photo you two.


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